Devo’s Self-Serve
Truck & RV Wash

250 North Service Road, Moose Jaw, SK
Open 8 AM to 9 PM Daily
Truck & RV Wash Location will be temporarily closed when temperatures are below -25 Celsius

About Our Truck & RV Wash Bays

  • Perfect for RVs, boats, trucks, buses, trailers, and toys.
  • 2 tandem style bays, 50′ x 25′, with payment machines at each bay.
  • Larger units can use the entire bay (100′ x 25′).
  • No need to back up your unit. We have a 14′ x 14′ overhead door for drive-through at the entrance and exit.
  • High-pressure hose suspended from the ceiling and designed to keep the top of your unit clean.
  • 24-hour video surveillance.
Devo's Boat and RV Pic 1
Devo's Boat and RV Pic 2

Wash Bay Options

  • Presoak: Soak the entire vehicle with foam and rinse.
  • Tire Cleaner: Soak dry tires with low-pressure tire cleaner, then rinse.
  • Engine Cleaner: Soak the engine with a low-pressure engine cleaner, then rinse.
  • Bug Remover: Apply low-pressure bug remover to the surface area before soap application.
  • Foam Cannon: Spray the entire vehicle with a high-pressure foam cannon.
  • High-Pressure Soap: Wash the vehicle with high-pressure soap.
  • Foam Brush: Check the brush for cleanliness. Use the brush gently. Scrub the entire vehicle. Return the brush to the holder.
  • Hot Rinse: Rinse off the vehicle with high-pressure hot rinse water.
  • Turtle Wax: Apply high-pressure turtle wax to the entire vehicle. Rinse off the excess wax.

Payment information

  • In Bay, Payment Machines Can Pre-Authorize $50 With Credit | Debit | Apple Pay | Samsung Pay.
  • Rate is $1.30 per minute.

Loonies & Toonies

  • Site is unattended.
  • No coin exchanger on site.
  • Loonie = 46 seconds.
  • Toonie = 1 minute, 32 seconds.

Devo’s Wash Card

  • ONLY available for purchase at Devo’s Car Wash, 39 Thatcher Drive, Moose Jaw.
  • Can be used at Devo’s Truck & RV Wash or Devo’s Car Wash.

Devo’s Wash Card Pricing

  • Purchase a $100 wash card for $80.
  • Purchase a $50 wash card for $45.

Truck & RV Bay Rules & Regulations

  • No washing the inside of stock trailers.
  • No washing the inside of cattle trailers.
  • No washing grain/fertilizer hopper trailers.
  • No degreasing of the fifth wheel hitch, machinery, or equipment.
  • No washing of truck boxes (small amounts of dust, dirt, and rocks are acceptable).
  • No detailing, drying, bucket, or hand washing.
  • No vehicle repairs or maintenance.
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